BBQ Time

Today I am going to a BBQ reunion where I will see old friends going back 15 years or so. And, the amazing thing is that I have several options of cute clothing to wear including, drum roll please, a Ralph Lauren pant and top set that I bought two years ago and have never been able to fit into it. I think he sizes his stuff on the small side, but that is neither here or there. Usually, I am trying on stuff to see what fits and it is usually not pretty as I am filled with self-loathing. Today, none of that. Sweet. Now, let’s see if I can control my eating at the BBQ . . .


On the whole, I’d really just like a potato!

I have lost 32 lbs. on Medifast. I’ll have “Things I Never Thought I’d EVER Say” for 400 please Alex. Can you believe it? I almost can’t. But, then I look down randomly at my thighs and see them thinner and marvel at them. Never done that before, ever. Actually, I have lost, since my highest weight, 45 lbs. or so. I began losing some weight when I started eating no processed foods.

Side effects: leg cramps in the night, hot flashes (thought I was done with these!), no pants that fit, crazy mornings trying to figure out what to wear to work, piles of clothes tossed on the bed trying to see what fits now, sewing side tucks into crop pants so they fit me, smiling uncontrollably.

But, when I get home from work lately, I am hungry and all I can think about is how much I would like to eat a potato. But, perhaps not as much as looking down at my thighs and hearing myself sigh happily.

Something scary happened . . .

I have lost 24 lbs! Can you hear the angels singing? Unbelievable. This morning I had a total pants crisis in that all of my pants are too long and dragging on the floor. Apparently my larger tummy/hips was pulling them up as they weren’t too long before. I finally dug a pair out of the back of my closet where scary things like summer clothes (I hate summer – too hot) and items that are too small reside. The pants had been washed accidentally and shrunk. I could wear them, but they really were too short. But, I put on flats and went to work hoping no one would judge me. Guess I need to shop for new pants ASAP.

Another amazing thing happened  . . . I had this moment yesterday at work where I felt like I needed to take a walk. It frightened me as this has never happened to me before. Luckily, I sat very still and the feeling passed. Whew! (smile) Who knew this might ever happen. “I’ll have ‘things I’ve never experienced for $400, Alex'”


It is amazing . . . I have energy! I am getting up after dinner to do the dishes, I am watering the rose bushes, taking out the trash, sewing and all sorts of good things. Before, after dinner, I would sit lethargically in my chair and wish I felt like getting up to do something.

14 lbs. lost. Can’t believe it. And, it feels good. Actually, it feels great! I am never hungry, but sure have the habit of wanting to munch on something. I have had to change my routine in the evenings. No more sitting in front of the TV because apparently I sat and ate while watching TV. Now, I am moving to other parts of the house. Hence the sewing. Amanda’s quilt is done and needs to be taken to the long arm quilter.

Going on vacation in two days and completely goofed up my food ordering time line. They suggested a date, I thought it was too soon, changed it, and then realized it would deliver when I wasn’t home. So changed it again. And, now pretty much out of food to take with me. Kathy, my coach at work for all things Medifast, loaned me some items until my order comes in. She sends them in the interoffice mail – too cute.


And I call myself a blogger?!?!?

Well, yes, I did start this blog. Then, embarked upon my weight loss healthy lifestyle journey. Then, struggled through the first three weeks. Then, realized I totally forgot how to access my blog. Can we blame it on the diet? No, I am just so forgetful at time.

Hmmmm. So I googled my blog and lo and behold there it was! Sigh. At least I found it. (smile)

I am doing 80% well on the new diet. I have lost 12 lbs. and wearing pants I haven’t been able to wear in a very long time. That feels amazing. Today I went to work in black pants that I distinctly recall wearing a couple of years ago and there were so tight that I went home during lunch and changed. They felt loose and jiggly and it was a very good feeling. Kind of gave me a spring in my step.

Then, went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant (hence the 80% noted above) and blew the diet. They had this yummy garlic bread. Dan finally moved the plate to the corner of the table away from me. Gosh it was good. And, I had lentil soup and a portobello mushroom stuffed with seafood and spinach. Very good and something I would never have ordered before the diet as I would have gotten something in the pasta realm. And, I only ate half of it and brought it home.

So, new behavior, new thinking, new joys. And, the most amazing thing is that on this diet, Medifast, I am not hungry. You eat something every two to three hours and the way their food is made, it keeps your blood sugar even and you don’t crash. It really is amazing.