It is amazing . . . I have energy! I am getting up after dinner to do the dishes, I am watering the rose bushes, taking out the trash, sewing and all sorts of good things. Before, after dinner, I would sit lethargically in my chair and wish I felt like getting up to do something.

14 lbs. lost. Can’t believe it. And, it feels good. Actually, it feels great! I am never hungry, but sure have the habit of wanting to munch on something. I have had to change my routine in the evenings. No more sitting in front of the TV because apparently I sat and ate while watching TV. Now, I am moving to other parts of the house. Hence the sewing. Amanda’s quilt is done and needs to be taken to the long arm quilter.

Going on vacation in two days and completely goofed up my food ordering time line. They suggested a date, I thought it was too soon, changed it, and then realized it would deliver when I wasn’t home. So changed it again. And, now pretty much out of food to take with me. Kathy, my coach at work for all things Medifast, loaned me some items until my order comes in. She sends them in the interoffice mail – too cute.



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