BBQ Time

Today I am going to a BBQ reunion where I will see old friends going back 15 years or so. And, the amazing thing is that I have several options of cute clothing to wear including, drum roll please, a Ralph Lauren pant and top set that I bought two years ago and have never […]

Something scary happened . . .

I have lost 24 lbs! Can you hear the angels singing? Unbelievable. This morning I had a total pants crisis in that all of my pants are too long and dragging on the floor. Apparently my larger tummy/hips was pulling them up as they weren’t too long before. I finally dug a pair out of […]


It is amazing . . . I have energy! I am getting up after dinner to do the dishes, I am watering the rose bushes, taking out the trash, sewing and all sorts of good things. Before, after dinner, I would sit lethargically in my chair and wish I felt like getting up to do […]

And I call myself a blogger?!?!?

Well, yes, I did start this blog. Then, embarked upon my weight loss healthy lifestyle journey. Then, struggled through the first three weeks. Then, realized I totally forgot how to access my blog. Can we blame it on the diet? No, I am just so forgetful at time. Hmmmm. So I googled my blog and […]