Something scary happened . . .

I have lost 24 lbs! Can you hear the angels singing? Unbelievable. This morning I had a total pants crisis in that all of my pants are too long and dragging on the floor. Apparently my larger tummy/hips was pulling them up as they weren’t too long before. I finally dug a pair out of the back of my closet where scary things like summer clothes (I hate summer – too hot) and items that are too small reside. The pants had been washed accidentally and shrunk. I could wear them, but they really were too short. But, I put on flats and went to work hoping no one would judge me. Guess I need to shop for new pants ASAP.

Another amazing thing happened  . . . I had this moment yesterday at work where I felt like I needed to take a walk. It frightened me as this has never happened to me before. Luckily, I sat very still and the feeling passed. Whew! (smile) Who knew this might ever happen. “I’ll have ‘things I’ve never experienced for $400, Alex'”


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